ZERO-FIFTY, Preventing Climate Change

Make no mistake, Climate Change is the biggest threat mankind has ever faced. If we continue to emit carbon at the current rate our planet could be beyond salvation in less than a decade. We need to act fast and we need to act now – but what can we do? Most books and documentaries that tackle Climate Change only write about the problem, not the solution. ZERO-FIFTY aims to bridge that gap by providing the first ever all-encompassing global manifesto on how to prevent Climate Change.


London // Image created by FUTURE WORLD DESIGNS LTD. Sky underlay ‘Spacy Waves’ released on Flickr by Falk Lademann and reproduced under CC BY 2.0. Cityscape underlay ‘London 360 from St Paul’s Cathedral’ released on Wikimedia Commons by David Iliff and reproduced under CC-BY-SA 3.0.

ZERO-FIFTY is a book that tackles Climate Change head on, by providing an all-encompassing global proposal on how to reduce carbon emissions to zero by the year 2050. Designed to look like a magazine, ZERO-FIFTY also presents the complex issues of Climate Change in an innovative, appealing, and easy to read way.

Zero fifty 1

Tokyo 2050 // Image created by FUTURE WORLD DESIGNS LTD. Sky underlay ‘Sky 2’ released on Flickr by zaphad1 and reproduced under CC BY 2.0. Cityscape underlay ‘Tokyo Roppongi Hills, Japan’ released on Flickr by Alberto Carrasco Casado and reproduced under CC BY 2.0.

In order to self-publish ZERO-FIFTY is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. Here, anyone can pledge towards ZERO-FIFTY in exchange for a variety of exciting rewards. This includes signed copies of the book, personalized postcards, presentations to companies, and invites to the ZERO-FIFTY launch party. The catch is though, we have to raise £20,000 by March the 1st. If this goal is reached, ZERO-FIFTY will be launched as a 600+ page highly graphical book. If not, ZERO-FIFTY will unfortunately be limited to tablet devices only.


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