Treeson: Teach your Kids to Recycle

Treeson Water

Teaching our kids how to recycle can help them to be more conscious about how their small, everyday choices can either help or hurt the environment. Treeson Springwater, a brand new biodegradable water bottle, offers a couple unique and fun ways to recycle with your family.

Normally, when we recycle water bottles, we just throw them in a recycling bin and let recycling workers take care of the rest. While this kind of recycling is definitely beneficial for the environment, it doesn’t allow for much active participation by your family.

There are three unique aspects to this product in terms of interactive recycling. First, unlike other water bottles, Treeson bottles are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Everything about them is eco-friendly, from the lid of the bottle all the way to the adhesive used on the label. That means when you’re done with them, you can put them in your compost and watch them dissolve.

If you don’t have a compost, this could be a great time to start one. It’s fun for the family, teaches your kids responsibility (without taking as much responsibility as a pet does), and reduces your waste output as a family. There are some great resources online about how to start your compost, and how to make it fun for your kids.

If you choose not to compost, Treeson bottles also operate on a unique system called Recycling 2.0 that actually uses the Postal Service to assist in recycling.

Each Treeson bottle is made with a postmark under the label, and they collapse flat for shipping. This allows you to send the bottles back to Treeson’s clean energy plant. Since the bottles are made of natural materials, Treeson’s factory can break down the bottles and use them to make energy… to make more bottles. Make sure to tell your kids about the history of the bottles they’re drinking out of!

And finally, the motto of Treeson is “One tree planted for every bottle sold.” Treeson has actually created an app that allows you to track the tree that was planted because of the bottle that you purchased. You and your kids can hop onto a mobile device, find out where in the world your tree is, and watch it grow over time.

Eventually, the company hopes to produce more biodegradable products, providing even more ways for your family to take an active role in making your household sustainable. For now, your family can participate actively in recycling — whether you’re watching your bottles break down in a compost, sending the bottles back home to produce clean energy,  or watching your impact on the rainforest.

For now, Treeson is a very new product, and is just getting ready to launch on the market. You can pre-order some Treeson bottles here, and they’ll be delivered to your door.


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