‘Tis Always the Season to Give Back

‘Tis always the Season to give back!

I just watched a YouTube video made by a young man, Josh Paler Lin, who gave $100.00 to a homeless man named Thomas. Josh wanted to know “how does a homeless man spend $100.00”.  You can watch it here:

When Thomas was given the money he was overcome with emotion hugging Josh,  telling him he had never received a gift like this!  Without Thomas knowing it, Josh followed him and filmed him. Thomas entered a liquor store and emerged a few minutes later with a bag.  He then walked to a park where other homeless people were sitting at picnic tables.  He stopped at the tables and pulled food out of his bag and gave it to the homeless people, including a family with children.

Josh couldn’t contain his surprise.  He once again approached Thomas and told him he had followed him and was filming him.  Thomas said something like, “oh you thought I was going to get smashed up drunk?  Most of us are victims of circumstances.”  When questioned about how he ended up on the street, Thomas told his story of quitting his job to take care of his ailing parents.  His stepdad died of cancer and shortly after his mother also died. The building his parents were living in was sold and now he is 4 months homeless and out on the streets.

Josh gave Thomas another $100.00 because he said “you touched my heart and I want you to have it.”  The camera follows Thomas back to the freeway exit where we originally met him and we can see him giving money to another homeless man and the two of them hugging.  As Thomas says, “Giving to others makes me feel good; there are things money can’t buy.”

There are countless other stories like this across the country.  About a month ago I wrote an article, The Blessing Bag and other Holiday Tips.  Additional ideas for blessing bags can be found on Pinterest.

Homelessness knows no season, it prowls among us daily.  Blessings to all as we remember the reason for the season and Give Back to those who need love, food and shelter not just during the holiday season, but year around.

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