Tips for Shopping in January

Tips for shopping in January

Tips for Shopping in January: Let’s go January shopping!


The craziest thing about January is that it’s cold and stores are putting out spring fashions!  I need warm sweaters and all I’m finding is flowery print dresses!  Don’t despair – take advantage of the sales on winter clothes and stock up for next year.  Dressy clothes that were in demand for holiday parties are now deeply discounted.  Suits and jackets are another good buy.  This a good time to buy designer labels and stay away from bargain brands.  You should be able to find a name-brand suit or jacket of quality for much less than you’d normally expect to pay.


For years I remember my grandmother wanting to go shopping in January for the white sales.  She didn’t speak much English, and what she did speak was spoken with a strong accent.  I will never forget taking her shopping for sheets.  When the salesperson approached us with “What can I help you find?”, my grandmother in her strong accent bellowed, “I need sh_ts!”  Whenever I think of January white sales that story comes to mind!  Nevertheless, linens have been going on sale in January starting in 1878.  You will find bargains in sheets, towels, pillows, comforters, especially in stores like Ross and Target.


December is a big month for jewelry sales as is February’s with Valentine’s Day.  But, in January jewelry is on sale.  Take advantage of this “off” month and find some great buys in the jewelry department.


I am finding that exercise equipment that didn’t sell for Christmas goes on sale in January.  Stores like to get rid of their inventory now before bringing in new equipment.  Incidentally, the Restore (Habitat for Humanity) and garage sales seem to be brimming with exercise equipment that has been replaced with new equipment received as Christmas gifts.  Most of the equipment I saw at the Restore looked new!


Another thing I have noticed sales on is furniture.  Not sure exactly why, maybe stores just wanting to move their inventory, but if you need furniture now would be the time to see what stores have to offer.


I found a couple of websites listing items NOT to buy in January that I thought I’d include a few.  The first one surprised me – grills and patio equipment.  The site tells us that the stores already cleared out last year’s merchandise and are filling up their stores with new inventory.  You won’t find any bargains on these items!  Another item to NOT buy is suitcases because now is considered the peak season for travel gear.  Glad to know!


So, there you have it.  Some hints for savvy shopping and saving money.  Enjoy your time out there!

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