Recycling In the Classroom

Recycling in the classroom!

Recycling in the Classroom Project Runway Challenge (4)

What do you do with packing material, old toilet paper and paper towel rolls, newspaper and wrapping tissue?    Well, if you’re a teacher, you use them in the classroom!  If you’re a parent, you use them with your kids!

This past week my Mt. San Jacinto College communications class used them in the classroom.  We are learning about informing an audience, working in groups and  producing a final project.  The class was broken into four groups.  Each group was given the task of developing a Project Runway worthy clothing item.  It needed to be a “green”, recycled item for men or women for fall.  The group had to name their product and inform the judges why it should be chosen for the top recycled clothing 2014 item.

Items included empty rolls of toilet paper and paper towels, newspaper, tissue, and packing material.  Tape, ribbon, flowers, and pipe cleaners were provided for  “decoration.”  The groups were given time to develop their product, put the clothing item together and dress their model.  They then presented to the entire class upon which winners were declared in the categories of MOST BEAUTIFUL, MOST CREATIVE, BEST USE OF MATERIALS, and the one that (unfortunately) needed to  be “RECYCLED!”

The MOST BEAUTIFUL group created a poncho, the MOST CREATIVE group created a vest, pants and hat, the BEST USE OF MATERIALS award went to the group who created an integrated cultural themed top and pants, and the one that needed to be RECYCLED was well, recycled!

If you are a teacher, there are countless ways to incorporate similar items around your house into classroom activities.  With cold weather coming on and kids in the house more, parents have a world of opportunities to use those recycled items with your kids, challenging their imagination.  Recycled materials continue Giving Back.  Let me know how you use your recycled items with your students and/or your kids.  As you can see, there is no age limit involved!

Recycling in the Classroom Project Runway Challenge

MOST CREATIVE winner!  Pants of tissue, vest, scarf and hat!  Designers Tesa and Tyrone, model Josh, designers Alex, and Mercedes.

Recycling in the Classroom Project Runway Challenge (1)

Most Beautiful in progress with Tiffany, Alex, Morgan, and Josh as designers, and model Stacy.

Recycling in the Classroom Project Runway Challenge (2)

The one that was voted to be Recycled, with designer Michelle, model Danen, and designers Katrina and Hannah.

Recycling in the Classroom Project Runway Challenge (3)

Designers working on the Best Use of Materials design, Lacy and Ashley.  Good sport model was Jonah.

Recycling in the Classroom Project Runway Challenge (4)

And the winners are:  from left to right, Danen, Recycled, Jonah, Best use of materials, Josh, Most Creative and the Most Beautiful, Stacy.

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