Making a Green Gesture


I am so excited to become involved with Green Gestures, Make a Green Gesture campaign. Green Gestures has a mission to protect the environment by reducing paper waste by creating a more sustainable way to shop and bring weekly ads to a digital age.

“The Make a Green Gesture campaign is a program we developed where, for every blog or website that writes a short post about our campaign, Retale™ will plant a tree to help take a step to compensate for that site’s long-term carbon footprint.”

Did you know?

  1. Every year the average US adult receives 41 lbs. of junk mail.
  2. 100 million trees in America are cut down annually in order to produce the paper on which catalogs, weekly ads, and circulars are printed
  3. The production, disposal, and/or recycling of this unwanted, unopened mail in the United States requires more energy than would be needed to power 3 million cars and uses more water than 40,000 Olympic-size swimming pools.
  4. Recycling just one ton of paper saves 7,000 gallons of water, 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space, enough energy to power the average American household for 6 months, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by one metric ton.
  5. The EPA estimates 62 million tons of paper waste in generated in the U.S. each year.
  6. The average American consumes more than 700 pounds of paper per year, by far the highest per capita use of paper in the world.

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So, I am rallying for Green Gestures to plant a tree for Inheriting Our Planet to help reduce the long term effects of my blogs carbon footprint!

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Dinah has a Master of Arts Degree in Speech Communication from California State University Fullerton. She is a Curator for Style Me Pretty Living, a Blogger at Earth911 and GMC Trade Secrets, and a member of Martha’s Circle. Her website, DIY Inspired has been recognized by Mashable,, and Circle of Moms as a Most Creative Blog. Dinah was featured on Linqia’s Community Spotlight, as an influential community leader.