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Hi! I’m T Berokoff,

I’m a college professor teaching communication courses, a writer for The Racing Pigeon Digest, and an avid reader and researcher of all things healthy for us and for our planet.

I began my journey into all things health related about 10 years ago after reading one of Suzanne Somers books, The Sexy Years.  Prior to this I knew little about hormones, and “healthy” tips for living.  The first area I researched was bio-identical hormones; then I expanded my research to include organic foods.  My current interest is in GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism), pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals and what they are doing to us and to our environment.

The more I read, the more I realize there is so much more to learn.  What I am learning along the way has opened my eyes to the fact that we truly are the result of what we eat.  Also, I strongly believe that we need to care for our planet.  Because I feel a sense of urgency in sharing this information with others, I want to pass everything along to you by Giving Back!

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T Berokoff

T Berokoff teaches college communication courses and helps her husband take care of their rural property in San Diego County. They raise and race homing pigeons as members of the Palomar Racing Pigeon Club. T also writes for the Racing Pigeon Digest and her articles about pigeons can be also be found online on numerous pigeon posts. You can reach T at