Introducing Our New Collaboration

Introducing Our New Collaboration

Hi! I’m T Berokoff

Dinah and I came through the trenches at California State University, Fullerton, where we both earned our Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Communication. There’s nothing like suffering through tests, papers, studying, and presentations to cement a bond between two people!  We have stayed in touch with each other, and even though our paths meander, they always touch, and easily converge.  While both of us have a creative side, Dinah’s expression of that talent and mine are different.  If you’re a follower of Dinah’s through, and her other sites, you know she is multi-faceted and creative.

I see societal issues tightly intertwined with health issues.  For instance, I see a direct correlation between our health and what we eat, how food is grown and what it does to our environment.  One of our professors at CSUF used to say, “If you only have one tool in your tool belt, you can only perform one job.  The more tools you have, the more you can accomplish.”  So, the more education we have in our proverbial tool belt, the better decisions we can make about a variety of issues related to our health and the health of the environment.

Simply put, you can expect a wide, sometimes unexpected variety of articles coming from me so our tool belts will be filled with knowledge.  As an educator, research fascinates me. Therefore, all my articles will be carefully researched and documented.  I look forward to your feedback and suggestions you may have for articles. You can comment on this site or email me directly at

Dinah and I have the same goal, to give you the highest caliber of information about health and the health of our planet.  Our desire is for all of us to be informed and healthy as we look forward to inheriting our planet.

About the author

T Berokoff

T Berokoff teaches college communication courses and helps her husband take care of their rural property in San Diego County. They raise and race homing pigeons as members of the Palomar Racing Pigeon Club. T also writes for the Racing Pigeon Digest and her articles about pigeons can be also be found online on numerous pigeon posts. You can reach T at