Giving Back to the Habitat for Humanity

ReStore – Giving Back to the Habitat for Humanity

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“There is no better feeling than giving back and lending a helping hand to someone who needs it”.  This is a quote about Habitat for Humanity that has been helping families since its humble beginnings in Georgia in the late 1960s.  Millard and Linda Fuller joined forces with Koinonia Farm, a community in Americus, Georgia and began this Christian based ministry.  Their mission was to build simple, affordable houses for low-income families around the world.  Now, more than 40 years later Habitat for Humanity has more than one million volunteers across the United States and the world.  When materials are left over from a building job, they are given to ReStores run by the Habitat for Humanity for sale to the public.

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Recently I visited two ReStores and was surprised to find a wide variety of not only building supplies, but items ready for upcycling, recycling, decorating and DIY projects.  For instance, both stores had a large variety of kitchen and bathroom sinks and fixtures.  Most were in near-new condition with prices in the low $20/$30.00 range.  A new GE Profile double oven was selling for $65.00.  Solid oak chairs were as little as $10.00 each.  The quantity and variety of beautiful new area rugs was amazing.  The large ones were on hanging displays like those you see in carpet stores, and were very reasonably priced with a 9 X 12 costing $120.00.

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If you want to give back you can donate your unused items at any ReStore near you.  You can also donate your time by working in one the stores.  If you go to you can locate the store nearest you and information about working with Habitat for Humanity if you choose.  As I focus on Giving Back information to you, the ReStores I visited focus on providing friendly volunteer sales staff that is knowledgeable and helpful.   You will be happy you took some time to visit a ReStore, the ultimate in giving back as all proceeds go right back into helping others.

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The pictures with this article show a variety of cabinet hardware, most under $1.00 each, and most in their original plastic bags.  The antique icebox is just waiting for someone and a DIY project!  I included a picture of the top half of a former built-in hutch.  It is solid wood and is prettier in person than the picture shows and was $40.00!  A little imagination, elbow grease and this would be a showcase item.  Last, are two vintage vending machines being sold for $50.00 each, but I had a feeling they were much more.  After an extensive search on everything from Antique Gumball Machines to EBay, I couldn’t find any that matched these two exactly.  But, everything that came “close” was listed at more than double the price.  The inventory extends outside and into the warehouse area of the stores where you can find wooden pallets ($2.00 each), sheets of plywood and press-wood, metal pieces, and more.  I hope you visit a ReStore soon; you won’t be disappointed in what they have to offer!

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