Alphabet Kid’s Activity Letters Y and Z

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Well, this is it. The last two letters of an Alphabet Kid’s Activity Mia was learning in Preschool class with Mrs. Shelly and Mrs. G. In case you missed the other letters, here is A-X.

The reason I love sharing these is because it’s an exercise that I would do (and have done) with Mia at home. It’s right up my creative ally. I have been sharing all her letters as she has done them in class, and even ones we did ourselves. This is the last set, letters Y and Z.

For the letter “Y” the preschool students each made a yellow “Y” out of construction paper and then glued yellow items onto the “Y”. You can do this with any letter or color. Some items you can use are, colored straws cut in pieces, colorful foam shapes, paper shapes, and colored pompoms.  You can also have them paint or color.


For the letter “Z” they painted black stripes on a white “Z” to represent a zebra. Mia and I tried to come up with other “Z” words to make one at home and we thought of zig zags, zucchini, and zoo animals.  We thought it’d be fun to print and cut out zoo animals and glue them onto the “Z”.

learning-letters-yz (1)

That’s it! We did all the letters! Be sure to check the other ones out. Phew!

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