Alphabet Kid’s Activity Letters V, W, X

alphabet kids activity vwx (3)

If you have been following along, my daughter makes these fun letters at school. Every week, they learn one letter and do a craft project with the letter of the week. I love these lesson plans for preschoolers and have been reinforcing what she learned at school, and doing an alphabet kid’s activity at home.

Today we are on Alphabet Kid’s Activity V, W, and X. Only two more letters to go! As a recap, here are the other letters of this alphabet kid’s activity series in case you missed it.

For the letter “V”, the kids cut out pictures of violins, vans, and vehicles, pasted them onto their letter V and colored them. We thought we could make out V at home the color violet and cover it with vegetables.

kids activity learning letter v

For the letter “W”, the kids used water colors. Mia loved this because we do this often at home. Since our last name starts with “W” (Wulf). Mia said that we should put “nice” wolves and watermelons on our “W” at home.

 kids activity learning letter w

For the letter “X”, the kids pasted on images of X-rays onto their letter. Other than Xylophones we couldn’t think of anything else to do other than tic-tac-toe (which she is still learning)!

kids activity learning letter x

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